Montarbo; more than speakers...


Montarbo is an Italian brand synonymous with high-quality audio equipment. While most people know the brand for its excellent speakers, Montarbo offers much more than that.

Montarbo, which is part of the RCF group, develops and tests extensively, ensuring that all their products, regardless of price, are of professional quality.

Montarbo Nettuno

Montarbo Studio

Besides their well-known speakers, Montarbo also has a studio line and live tools.

Very interesting are their Audio Interfaces, Headphone Amplifiers, their Control Room, and DI Boxes.

Currently delivered by Bekafun: the DI/Box and the headphone amplifier. The rest is on its way and thus quickly available.

The DI/Box is a powerful and user-friendly device for sending balanced, noise-free high-quality audio from your mobile devices to a mixer, PA system, or studio monitor.

The headphone amplifier is compact and versatile, with the capability for 4 channels or users to listen.

The DSI-22 is a 2-channel USB audio interface with studio-quality preamps and converters. Essential for your studio or for artists on the go, it provides a smooth, user-friendly connection from a laptop to essential studio equipment, microphones, or instruments without compromising recording quality.

With the CR-44 Control Room, manage two pairs of monitors for professional and home studio environments. Compact and equipped with two pairs of inputs and outputs on balanced XLR connectors, balanced TRS connectors, or a 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack.