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For warranty cases, please visit My Bekafun. Under “My service orders” you will find the current repair files and a new service order can be created. Fill in the form to register a repair request. For warranty repair, enter date of purchase and invoice number.

Terms and conditions


1. All our products come with a standard 2-year manufacturer's warranty. Exceptions are logical: consumables, products whose wear and tear is logical and can not make a subject for warranty (rechargeable batteries, lamps, smoke fluid, mixer faders ...) All cases of drink damage, physical damage, over-modulation may give rise to non-warranty. 2. The warranty on a product is limited to the purchase value of the product. Bekafun undertakes to replace, repair or credit a product. Additional compensation such as transport, wages, lost income, ... are never eligible. 3. Bekafun exists since 1990 and only works with the best brands and suppliers who guarantee the service of their products and also keep spare parts as long as economically justified. Bekafun has an extensive technical service and a large stock of parts. In the event that due to circumstances there is still a shortage of parts, Bekafun will provide an acceptable solution.


1. In most cases, Bekafun does not decide on the warranty. We claim the warranty from our suppliers, but cannot indicate in advance whether a repair is eligible for warranty or not. Water damage, drink damage, irregular use, overload, ... can lead to the refusal of the guarantee, even if it has been requested by Bekafun. 2. As long as the repair is not higher than half the value of the device, Bekafun will not automatically make a specification, but will repair it immediately. The customer can at all times refuse a repair, then we will keep the device. 3. All communication about repairs is done by e-mail, once ready the devices must be collected within 3 months after repair, otherwise they will be automatically withheld and become the property of Bekafun. 4. If the customer refuses the repair after receiving a specification, standard specification costs will always be charged, including 39.99 euros VAT. If the customer refuses to pay this, we will retain this device. 5. The use of replacement devices is not included. If necessary, Bekafun will provide a replacement device and will charge a daily price for this, for the entire period of the repair. If the customer does not return the replacement device within 14 days after the repair, an extra daily price will be charged for the following week. 6. After repairing damage caused by the seepage of drink, your device was tested and found to be working. Any future damage as a result of the further manifestation of this drink damage is not covered by the warranty.

On-site technician

1. Hours of the on-site technician are charged per hour, travel is calculated per km, driving times are not charged. 2. A minimum of 1 hour is charged for each visit, even if the intervention is shorter.

Rates as of 1/6/2022 (valid until next revision, prices excluding VAT)

  • Repairs in Labo Bekafun: 22 euros per 15 minutes started
  • Working hours technician on site: 69 euros per hour
  • Transport technician on site: 0,70 euros/km


To return purchased items, please visit My Bekafun. Under “Request return” you will find the current requests and a new request will be created. Fill in the form to register a return request. The return request is handled by our administration, they will contact you for further progress. Click here to visit our service page: https://bekafun.be/en/login

Terms and conditions

1. Canceling an order: the customer can cancel his order at any time, without giving any reason, unless it concerns items specifically ordered for you, such as parts, special series, ... This is also stated on the order, it cannot be cancelled. 2. Returns: The customer can return the product within 14 days of the invoice date. The return is at the expense of the customer. We will credit the returned product upon receipt. The customer will be refunded and credited in full, the only condition being that the product comes back in its original packaging. The lack of packaging material and manual ensures an automatic loss of at least 20%. For the lack of remote controls, cables or other parts, the full value will be charged or the return can be refused. 3. Returns after 14 days after the invoice date: This is only possible after consultation and a loss of 10% will be charged in any case. During this period, Bekafun is free to take back material.