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Schoolpromo! Epson projector + Chameleon whiteboard


Natuurlijk! Hier is de vertaling naar het Engels:


In education, a touchscreen is often chosen nowadays, but is this always the best solution?

The combination of a large projection screen that simultaneously serves as a classic whiteboard has several advantages:

- Larger projection for clearer details
- Less tiring for the eyes
- The teacher can control the content from their own computer without constantly standing in front of the board.

Epson and Chameleon (the best whiteboards) are joining forces and offering this bundle specifically for education.

Screen size is important.

A larger screen size means better visibility and readability all the way to the back of the classroom. With Epson projectors, a screen size of up to 120 inches is possible, without annoying reflections and dead viewing angles. This makes the screen clearly readable for all students.

Quieter on the eyes

Quieter on the eyes

Where flat panels use direct light, projector light is indirect, which is much less tiring for the eyes. The automatic light adjustment of projectors ensures that students can effortlessly look at them for longer periods.

Digital projection and analog writing

Analog writing, such as on a whiteboard, stimulates the brain. By presenting the lesson at writing speed, teachers give students more time to process the information.


Epson projectors combine performance with reliability and come with an impressive five-year warranty. The laser light source has a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours. Additionally, Epson's educational projectors are TCO-certified, meaning they meet the world's most comprehensive sustainability certification for IT products. Chameleon provides a lifetime warranty on writing and erasing on Low Gloss whiteboards.

Flexible UST-laserprojector

Flexible UST-laserprojector

Epson EB-770F
HD-display, 49'' - 120''

Scalable UST projector for any space, providing unobstructed viewing pleasure, without shadows and reflections.

- Bright and energy-efficient laser projector, CLO of 4100 lumens with 3LDC technology.

- Effortless connectivity options, wired/wireless, with automatic image activation function, USB2A output for smart sticks.

- User-friendly design built to last - Virtually maintenance-free, 5-year warranty or 12,000 hours.

Chameleon Low Gloss whiteboards

Chameleon's Low Gloss whiteboards are not only perfect as writing surfaces but also as projection screens. Thanks to minimal glare, projections remain clear and readable from any angle. Chameleon also offers a lifetime warranty on writing and erasing.

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