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Dateq Audio Technologies, more than sound limiters



Dateq is a Dutch company that specializes in the development and production of professional audio equipment, especially for the hospitality and events industry.

Dateq Audio Technologies has been producing audio equipment for DJs and professional end users since 1970. The brand may be best known for their noise-reducing equipment and displays, but they actually started with a series of mixing consoles.

Dateq is a solid company with quality products. In addition to their limiters and displays, they offer a wide range of attributes that can expand on these previous ones. This is how you maximize your device.

There is something for everyone in their range of rock-solid mixing consoles. They also offer a wide range of Musi Call and Music All products.

Dateq 3.png

They also offer a range of amplifiers, signal processors, speakers and wireless microphones.

Dateq stands for quality and passion. We are fans!