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Mister Spaghetti opens its 7th location in Ghent


On Saturday, June 15, Mister Spaghetti opened their seventh location, this time in Ghent. They have moved into the beautiful Cour Saint-Georges, situated opposite the Ghent City Hall. Here, you can enjoy your spaghetti in an atmospheric historical setting.

Bekafun was also tasked with providing the sound system for this location. Our team designed and installed a system featuring 18 Monacor speakers and a Biamp amplifier throughout the entire establishment.

Mister Spaghetti is not just about the spaghetti; you also enjoy the setting and especially the sound. On their website, you can listen live to what is playing in the restaurants via their Mister Spaghetti radio, or follow their Spotify account for Mister Spaghetti vibes.

Best of luck with the new location, Mister Spaghetti.