Rane presents Rane Performer


Creativity in motion

The jog wheels of this Performer are 7'', respond just like vinyl and provide accurate feedback. In the center of each jog wheel is a display that shows the deck information through waveforms, library views, etc.
They have a Day Mode option to invert the contrast for a bright result even in sunlight.

No MAG FOUR crossfader like in the FOUR, but the PERFORMER features 4 new Precision feel faders.

The same mechanical system but a different mounting that ensures ultra-smooth response during play. Adjustable in the built-in menu to reverse and adjust the cut-in curve from 0 to 100%.

Stems Control

With 4 unique stem control options, you can get really creative while playing.

Rane's VOICE SPLIT function, which splits the acapella and instrumental sections across 2 mixer channels, gives you the freedom to add FX to individual elements and truly create your own sound. Amplify, fade, isolate... you do you!

With further extensive FX options and the only 4-channel controller built to Rane's strict standards, you get a very clean controller here. The Performer gets its name from the fact that it was built and tested by some talented artists, and its industry-leading sound quality.