Promo Denon Prime 4+ White


New! New! New!

Prime 4+ White Special Edition has a fresh new look and has added some advanced features!

Source options trough the roof!

DenonDJ-PRIME4+White-Social graphics_Prime4+W-1080x1350.png

With 4 USB ports, one SD card slot, and a built-in 2.5-inch SATA drive bay, you have plenty of choices. You have 4 switchable RCA inputs, allowing you to connect external media players, turntables, audio sources, or use one to record your DJ performance. The Prime 4+ also supports USB and Bluetooth keyboards for browsing your tracks and offers options for uncompressed audio formats (FLAC, ALAC, WAV).

Advanced FX Suite

With 29 customizable main FX and 4 dynamic, knob-controlled sweep FX, you can unleash your creative mixing potential. The two MAIN FX sections are equipped with OLED displays and knobs that allow you to manipulate the frequency and parameters of the selected FX. The 4 Sweep FX are automatically activated by turning the Sweep FX knob on each channel and can be layered with the Main FX for endless combinations.

Continuous updates with features

The Prime 4+ White runs on Engine DJ and receives new features with every update. Engine DJ has consistently provided innovations for DJs by introducing key features first. Recent updates, such as Bluetooth Audio Input, Engine DJ Profiles, Fader Echo, Touch FX, Performance Pad Display, and Remote Engine Library, underscore the strength of this software player. Through wireless updates via Wi-Fi, you stay up-to-date with DJ performance technology.