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Barco Clickshare Bar promotion extended!


Barco ClickShare Video Bar

The all-in-one video bars for effortless wireless conferencing.

What are the ClickShare Video Bars?

What are the ClickShare Video Bars?

Barco ClickShare Video Bars are smart systems that make wireless collaboration and video conferencing super easy. With top-quality picture and sound, they are perfect for modern teams who want to collaborate without the hassle of cables.

Why Choose ClickShare Video Bar?

Why Choose ClickShare Video Bar?

○ Make wireless connections in 7 seconds. Open your laptop and start your meeting in the blink of an eye.
○ No learning curve required. ClickShare video bars are user-friendly and intuitive. No training or manuals needed.
○ Guest-friendly. Guests can easily share content with the ClickShare Button, without any extra hassle.
○ Unmatched flexibility and ease of use. Transform any space into a flexible meeting room with our all-in-one video bar featuring built-in wireless meeting capabilities.

Enhanced Collaboration Through Seamless Camera Integration

Enhanced Collaboration Through Seamless Camera Integration

Barco ClickShare Video Bars offer a convenient feature where the camera automatically focuses on the speaker, without requiring manual adjustments. This smart system provides a smooth and natural video conferencing experience, allowing participants to focus on the meeting content rather than technical aspects. With the automatic camera framing function, each speaker is always clearly visible on screen, promoting effective communication and collaboration, even when remote.

Which ClickShare Video Bar is right for you?

We offer two variants of the ClickShare Video Bars: the Pro and the Core, each with unique features catering to different needs in meeting environments.

ClickShare Video Bar Pro:
The Pro version offers advanced features and capabilities, including:

○ Enhanced audio and video performance, such as a better camera, high-quality microphones, and advanced noise reduction technology.
○ Additional connectivity options, such as HDMI inputs and outputs, providing compatibility with various devices and configurations.
○ Ideal for larger meeting rooms or boardrooms where high-quality audiovisual performance and advanced collaboration features are required.

ClickShare Video Bar Core:
The Core is designed as an entry-level model with basic functionality for wireless collaboration, featuring:

○ Wireless content sharing, built-in speakers and microphones, and easy installation.
○ Suited for smaller meeting rooms where simple wireless collaboration is essential.