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We sell all lamps and remotes for all brands of projectors


Bekafun quickly supplies you with almost all projector lamps, no matter how old or exotic your projector. Since each projector type has its own lamp, we do not take back lamps.

How do I find the right lamp or remote for my projector?

The easiest way is via the search function at the top. You simply search for "projector lamp" or "remote" and then the type of your projector.

For example:
You are looking for a lamp for an Epson EB-1730. Then place "projectorlamp eb1730" in the search window.

You are looking for a new remote control for an Optoma ZU650. Then search for "remote zu650".

Original lamps versus replacement lamps.

On the internet you may find very different prices for the same lamp. There are some gradations here.
A projector lamp actually consists of the lamp and the housing (reflector,...).

Original lamps: These lamps were supplied and made by the manufacturer of the projector itself. These are completely original. Benq, Nec,... get their lamps from Philips, Osram, Ushio, Phoenix and Panasonic, and place them in their own housings.

Bare bulb; You buy the original bulb from the bulb manufacturers (Osram, Philips, ...) and you place it yourself in the existing housing. This can be done, but of course must be done with care. A discharge lamp is very sensitive to dirt and grease, and the lamp must of course be placed very precisely.

Diamond lamps with housing: These lamps have no original housing, but do have the original lamp as used by the manufacturers. Philips, Ushio and Osram supply these bulbs to the "aftermarket" who place them in their own housing. So the lamp is identical, the housing is copied.

Generic lamp - Counterfit lamps - Counterfeit: We do not sell these. Especially Chinese manufacturers make their own lamps and housings, but these do not meet the original specifications at all, so it is dangerous to use them in existing devices. These are really fake and often come with counterfeit labels and logos. You can often find these bulbs on all kinds of sites where they are offered quite cheaply, but a warned man...