Sound installation in store - retail


Importance of a sound system in a store - retail

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Research shows that 42% of visitors stay longer in a store where high-quality background music is played

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Music that reflects your brand identity and target group can achieve an increase in turnover of as much as 32%.

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In addition to increasing turnover, reflecting your brand identity in music also ensures a 96% greater chance of being remembered by consumers at a later time

Next Audio P6 hanging speaker

The Next Audio P6 is a full range speaker with a power of 40w rms. The speaker is 8ohm or 100v, which means the speaker can be used multifunctionally. In addition to retail, this speaker can also be used in a restaurant or bar.

100v sound system

A 100V sound system is a type of audio installation that utilizes a 100-volt line voltage to distribute audio signals. This type of system is often used in commercial and industrial environments such as stores, offices, factories, schools, and large public spaces.

The main advantage of a 100V sound system is that it allows for the use of multiple speakers over long distances from the amplifier without significant signal loss. This is achieved by converting the audio signal to a higher voltage (100 volts) before it is sent through the speaker cables. Each speaker in the system then has its own transformer that reduces the voltage back to a level suitable for the speaker.

This allows for a large number of speakers to be used in an installation, each with its own volume control, without the need for additional amplifiers. It also makes it easier to adjust the volume of individual speakers, allowing for balanced sound throughout the space.

Overall, 100V sound systems are flexible, efficient, and easy to install, making them a popular choice for environments where a sound system is needed that can be tailored to different spaces and requirements.