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Zoom presents their new range of mobile recorders with 32-bit floating point recording capability!

The new H1essential, H4essential and H6essential feature 32-bit floating recording technology and are designed to be accessible to the blind and partially sighted. Menu navigation is done using descriptions that can be heard through the built-in speaker or headphones.

The 32-bit floating point option ensures that you will never overdrive a recording again and will therefore not have to worry about solving problems in the sound afterwards.

Like the first H6, the H6essential is compatible with the BTA-1 Bluetooth Adapter for control with a smartphone or for connection with Bluetooth timecode devices for audio and video sync. Naturally, it also works with the existing different H6 microphone capsules.

Zoom H6essential - Handy Recorder
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Zoom H6essential - Handy Recorder
H6essential six track Handy Recorder
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