OMS - Optoma Management Suite



With the popularity of the N-series displays and the IFP interactive displays, we would like to highlight the possibilities and benefits of Optoma Management Suite. OMS is a free cloud platform that allows you to manage not only Optoma's classic and interactive displays, but also various projectors. The platform is very practical for companies and schools that have multiple devices in sometimes different locations.


To get started, go to https://oms.optoma.comand register an admin account for OMS. After successfully registering and logging in for the first time, you can add additional users for the same organization and add devices to the platform.


What exactly can you do with OMS: You have full control over all devices to provide remote assistance, this can be simple things such as turning the device on or off, adjusting the volume, choosing another source or limiting options for users such as block installing apps and settings. In addition to operating, you can also accurately monitor the status of each device.

Create schedules

Schedules allow you to set recurring commands for a location, group, or a single device, such as turning on and off, adjusting volume, and choosing source. In addition to operating the device, you can also send text messages or media to temporarily inform the public about something.

Clone settings

Do you have many displays that need the same settings? You can then copy settings from 1 device to other devices, make backups and restore them when something goes wrong.

Remote mediaplayer

Create playlists with photos and videos that you can display on the screen in schedules at fixed times. All content you upload is sent to the display over the internet.