ClickShare Bar



The Video Bars make hybrid meetings interactive, and the clear communication that always exists creates an inclusive meeting environment. This way, everyone near or far can be heard, seen and possibly display content during the meetings.

ClickShare videobar

functions on both models

Both models come with built-in wireless conferencing capabilities, they feature a camera with a 4K sensor and a 120° field of view with AI-powered composition and group framing. This ensures that every person in the room is always clearly visible and when someone speaks, this person is clearly and centrally visible.
High-quality audio features: 6X MEMS microphones, stereo speaker and a suppressor for both background noise and acoustic echo cancellation.

Pros of the ClickShare Bar Pro

  • 2 buttons on the ClickShare Bar Pro, ClickShare Bar Core only has 1
  • the ClickShare Bar Pro can display 2 sources on the screen and support to be displayed on 2 screens, the other model does not have this
  • the Bar Pro has speaker framing
  • the Bar Pro has advanced interactivity: Touchback, annotation and blackboarding
  • Watching 4K content is only possible with the Bar Pro via the wired room dock