Sennheiser Tourguide 2020-D


Sennheiser Tourguide 2020-D

Sennheiser Tourguide is a line of wireless audio tour guide systems designed for guided tours, museum exhibitions, and other environments where a tour guide or presenter needs to provide information to a group of listeners.

The system consists of a transmitter, worn by the tour guide, and several receivers for the listeners. The transmitter sends a wireless signal to the receivers, allowing them to adjust the volume to their desired level with a built-in volume setting.


The quick and easy way to a professional solution for visitor
guidance. Excels with extremely simple handling, convinces with
professional functionalities: The digital system Tourguide 2020-D stands
for uncomplicated audio solutions in visitor guidance, at conferences,
and for assistive listening.

Hassle free

Tourguide 2020-D combines the wireless receiver and headphones in one device. That makes it easy to handle even for large scale setups with many visitors. Use the practical charging case (EZL 2020-20L) as a convenient solution for charging and storing of up to 20 receivers and additional accessories.


The Tourguide 2020-D is not only fit for guidance and interpreter applications. For assistive listening in theaters or opera houses hearing aids can be easily connected to the system.

Sennheiser Tourguide: het referentiesysteem voor 'Tourguide'. Geleide bezoeken in bedrijven en musea, zelfs als er heel wat lawaai is van buiten af, met dit systeem heb je een perfect en pro systeem in huis. Twee zenders, drie soorten ontvangers, een stethoset all in one, een ontvanger waar je zelf een koptelefoon kunt op aansluiten en zelfs een induction loop mogelijkheid, zodat slechthorenden rechtstreeks het geluid ontvangen in hun oorapparaat. Alles kan perfect in de laderflightcase, met of zonder trolley. Deze kist dient ook als laadstation.

Sennheiser transmitters

Sennheiser Reseiver HDE2020DII

Sennheiser Charging units EZL202020L