Projectors are often the best solution!


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Projectors are losing some ground in favor of displays and LED walls. Large format displays have become a lot cheaper, and LED walls are becoming better and more affordable. Where there used to be a projector in a meeting room, we now often see 86" or 95" displays (with or without touch). If the budget allows it, an LED wall with a clay pitch is chosen.

However, there are still many applications where the classic projector proves to be the best solution.

Within the projector, the shift to laser projectors is almost complete. We still keep a number of lamp projectors in stock because the price/quality cannot be beat. But everything over 5000 ansi lumens is now laser.


With the PU series, Epson offers laser projectors with high luminosity in a compact housing. We often install this 20,000 ansi lumen laser projector in audiotoria and cultural centers.

This lamp projector has a perfect price/quality ratio. 5000 ansi lumen WUXGA projector for an excellent price.

Epson can also help you in home cinema with this 4k laser projector with perfect contrast. In addition to the classic lenses, there are also ultra short throw solutions

In the EB-L series you will find powerful laser projectors with a fixed lens.


Optoma is still the market leader in the affordable segment, but is now also working on displays and more powerful projectors. The constant remains the good price/quality ratio.

Laser series

Home cinema

Lamp projectors