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100v sound system for businesses and shops


What is a 100v sound system

A 100V sound system refers to an audio installation using a 100-volt line voltage to transmit audio signals to speakers. This type of system is often used in commercial environments such as shops, offices, schools, and public buildings.

In a 100V sound system, the audio power is distributed across multiple speakers via a central amplifier. This system allows for connecting multiple speakers with different power levels to a single amplifier, making it easier to distribute sound in large spaces.

Each speaker in a 100V system has a transformer tuned to the 100V line voltage. This allows adjusting the speaker impedance and efficiently transporting sound over long distances with minimal signal losses.

The benefits of a 100V sound system include the ability to connect multiple speakers, flexibility in designing sound setups, and efficient sound transfer over long distances. It also becomes easier to adjust the volume of individual speakers, making the system suitable for situations where different parts of a building require different sound levels.

What are the advantages of a 100v sound system?

A 100V sound system has several advantages, especially in commercial and public environments. Here are some key benefits:

Connection of Multiple Speakers:

One of the main advantages is the ability to connect multiple speakers to a single amplifier. This makes the system well-suited for large spaces where a sound installation needs to be distributed across multiple zones.
Flexibility in Configuration:

The system offers flexibility in designing sound setups. Different speakers can be easily added, removed, or moved to meet changing needs.
Efficient Transfer over Long Distances:

Using transformers on each speaker allows sound to be efficiently transferred over long distances with minimal signal losses.
Adjustment of Individual Speaker Volumes:

It is easy to adjust the volume of individual speakers. This is useful in situations where different parts of a building require different sound levels.
Central Amplifier:

The central amplifier allows for easy management of the system. Adjustments to the overall sound level can be made centrally.

The system is easily scalable. When expanding the sound system, only additional speakers need to be added without requiring major changes to the infrastructure.
Easy Installation:

The installation of a 100V sound system is often simpler than other systems because less wiring is needed, and the configuration is flexible.

100v Speakers suitable for factory hall

The use of horn speakers in a factory can be an effective way to distribute sound over long distances and overpower ambient noise. Horn speakers are designed to direct and concentrate sound in a specific direction, making them suitable for applications where targeted sound dispersion is desired.

Here are some considerations when using horn speakers in a factory:

Sound coverage and direction: Horn speakers can effectively direct sound in a specific direction. Place them strategically to ensure optimal coverage of the factory, allowing for an even distribution of sound across the desired area.

Power and volume: Ensure that the horn speakers have sufficient power to produce the volume needed to mask ambient noise in the factory. This depends on the size of the factory, the type of sound to be masked, and other environmental factors.

Environmental factors: Take into account environmental factors in the factory, such as reflective surfaces or sound-absorbing materials. This can influence how sound propagates and should be considered when placing horn speakers.

Safety: Ensure that the sound level is safe for factory workers and complies with relevant safety standards. Excessively high sound levels can be harmful to workers' health.

Additional technology: Consider the use of additional technologies, such as sound control systems, to adjust the sound based on changing conditions or work schedules.

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100v Speakers suitable for showroom or store

A 100V speaker system is a commonly used solution for stores, showrooms, and other commercial spaces. The 100V system uses a transformer to convert the audio signal into a 100-volt signal, providing flexibility when connecting multiple speakers to one amplifier. Here are some considerations when using a 100V speaker system in a store or showroom:

Multiple speakers: The 100V system makes it easy to connect multiple speakers to one amplifier, allowing you to distribute sound evenly throughout the entire store or showroom. This enables you to provide a consistent sound experience, even in large or complex spaces.

Zone control: An advantage of the 100V system is the ability to set up different zones with independent volume control. This allows you to adjust the volume based on specific needs in different parts of the store or showroom. For example, higher volume at the entrance or near certain product displays.

Easy installation: The 100V system is generally easier to install than lower impedance systems because it uses transformers. This can be convenient if you plan to spread multiple speakers throughout the space.

Background music and announcements: 100V speaker systems are suitable for playing background music and announcements in commercial environments. This makes them ideal for stores and showrooms where a pleasant atmosphere needs to be created, and where occasional announcements may be necessary.

Compatibility with amplifiers: When purchasing 100V speakers, check if they are compatible with the amplifiers you plan to use. Ensure that the amplifier can provide the necessary power and has the appropriate connections for the 100V system.

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Audac Ateo6/b - Wall speaker with CleverMount? 6" Black version - 8ohm and 100V
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100v In-wall speakers suitable for the office

An in-ceiling speaker is a suitable choice for offices if you are looking for a discreet audio solution that takes up minimal space. Here are some considerations and advantages when using in-ceiling speakers in an office environment:

Aesthetics: In-ceiling speakers are aesthetically appealing as they are mounted in the wall or ceiling, not taking up additional floor space. This contributes to a neat and tidy appearance of the office.

Space-saving: Since in-ceiling speakers are installed in the walls or ceiling, they do not occupy floor space. This is particularly practical in offices where available space needs to be used efficiently.

Even sound distribution: In-ceiling speakers can ensure even distribution of sound throughout the office space. This is important for a consistent listening experience, especially in open office environments.

Flexibility: In-ceiling speakers can be installed at strategic locations to optimize sound coverage. This can be useful if you want to provide sound to specific areas of the office, such as meeting rooms, waiting areas, or common spaces.

Professionalism: In-ceiling speakers contribute to a professional image of the office, especially when paired with a high-quality audio system.

Adaptability: In-ceiling speakers are available in different sizes and specifications, allowing you to choose a model that fits the size and acoustic requirements of the office space.

If you have a project, contact us. How do we work.

Choosing the right speaker for a project is crucial to achieving the desired sound quality and coverage area. Here are some steps to choosing the right speaker for your project:

Determine the Purpose of the Sound:

What do you want to achieve with the sound? Is it for background music, speech, live performances, or something else? The purpose influences the type of speaker you need.

Analyze the Space:

Study the room where the speakers will be installed. Is it a small room, a large hall, an outdoor location, or something else? The size and acoustic properties of the room influence the choice of speakers.

Determine the Coverage Area:

How large should the area be covered by the speakers? Larger areas may require speakers with a larger coverage area.

Understand the Acoustic Needs:

Think about the frequency response and acoustic properties you need. For example, if you need accurate bass response, you should pay attention to the low frequency performance of the speakers.

Budget Considerations:

Set a budget for the speaker project. There are speakers available in different price ranges, and you want to make sure you choose speakers that fit within your available budget.

Installation and Placement:

Bekafun has its own installation and installation service. We discuss the options in consultation with the customer.

Listening tests possible in the Bekafun showroom:

If possible, conduct listening tests before making purchasing decisions. This will give you a better idea of what the speakers sound like in your specific environment.