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Who is Antelope Audio?

With over 30 years of expertise in digital audio clocking, conversion, and analog circuit design, Antelope Audio is committed to assisting individuals in achieving high-definition sound, whether in a recording studio or a home environment.

Our extensive experience in the industry has led to the development of the 4th generation of Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) jitter management algorithm, which is responsible for our impeccable clocking. This algorithm is well-known from Antelope's signature crystal-based master clocks, which even synchronize the products of our competitors.

What sets Antelope Audio apart is our unique and continually expanding library of hardware-processed, low-latency audio effects—the largest of its kind. Our proprietary FPGA and Synergy Core (FPGA + DSP) platforms allow for the accurate modeling of iconic studio equipment at the component level. This includes vintage EQs and compressors, classic microphones, landmark guitar amps and cabs, tube mic preamps, tape saturation, and more. Ongoing in-house development and partnerships with leading audio software companies result in a diverse range of studio and creative effects available to Antelope owners.