Nieuw! Pioneer PLX-CRSS12


The PLX-CRSS12 is now in stock in large quantities!

The PLX-CRSS12 is the world's first turntable to support both analog record playback and tonearm-free DVS operation. This ensures that skipping is prevented during digital playback.

You can quickly adjust the "weight" of the record with the dial on top of the MAGVEL Clamp. It is also easy to change the rotation level where you can choose between High, Low and Mid.

The PLX-CRSS12 has classic layout elements but on top of that it also has 4 built-in MIDI-mappable performance pads. Thanks to the built-in OLED display, you can easily keep an eye on all things and gives you access to utility settings.

Finally, the PLX-CRSS12 is also compatible with Serato DJ Pro and rekordbox.

Key Features

  • Tone-arm-free DVS control eliminates skipping in digital playback
  • Performance Pads and OLED display for accurate and rapid control
  • Battle-style layout and built-in MIDI-mappable Performance Pads
  • Needle-Battle style (90 degrees)
  • Evolved, high-quality sound
  • Serato DJ Pro and rekordbox compatibility
  • Step Pitch adjusts pitch per octave instead of variable speed