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Sound system for catering - man cave - winter bar


Did you know that Bekafun has a demo showroom for sound systems?

In our showroom you can test speakers that are suitable for catering, man caves or a winter bar. Bekafun has its own installation service, we can develop your project from A to Z.

How do you determine the right speaker in a fixed installation?

Selecting the right speakers for a fixed sound installation involves considering various factors to ensure that the sound reproduction meets the specific needs of the space and intended use. Here are steps to follow:

Purpose of the Installation:

Determine the purpose of the sound system. Is it for background music, speech reinforcement, live performances, cinema sound, or a combination of these applications?
Room Analysis:

Analyze the physical characteristics of the space, such as size, shape, wall and ceiling materials, and any acoustic challenges. These factors influence how sound propagates in the space.
Power and Sensitivity:

Determine the required power of the speakers. The power should be sufficient to produce the desired sound pressure in the specific environment. Consider the sensitivity of the speakers, indicating how efficiently they convert input power into sound.
Frequency Response:

Consider the frequency response of the speakers. This indicates the range of frequencies the speakers can reproduce. Choose speakers with a frequency response suitable for the type of sound you want to reproduce.
Dispersion and Coverage:

Think about the dispersion of the speakers and how they will distribute sound in the space. This is especially important in larger spaces where even coverage is essential.
Installation Environment:

Consider the environment where the speakers will be installed. For example, in a humid environment like a pool area, you need speakers that are moisture-resistant.
Brand and Model:

Research different brands and models of speakers that meet your specifications. Pay attention to reviews, technical specifications, and the manufacturer's reputation.

Determine your budget for the sound system. There are speakers available in various price ranges, and it's important to find a balance between quality and budget.
Professional Advice:

Consult sound engineers or audio installation professionals for specific advice and recommendations based on your needs and the characteristics of the space.

Speakers suitable for background music, our selection:

Background music refers to music played at a low volume intended to remain in the background during other activities or events. The purpose of background music is usually to create a pleasant atmosphere without dominating or distracting from the main activity. This type of music is often used in various environments such as restaurants, stores, waiting areas, and other public places where people gather.

Characteristics of background music include:

Low Volume: The sound level of background music is typically lower than what you would expect in a concert or listening environment.

Pleasant Atmosphere: The goal is to create a pleasant atmosphere without the need for active listening.

Complementary to the Environment: Background music should match the atmosphere and character of the environment in which it is played.

Non-Intrusive: It should not interfere with the main activity or communication in the space.

Diversity of Genres: Depending on the setting, background music can encompass various genres such as classical, jazz, pop, ambient, and more.

Continuous Playback: It is often played without interruptions between tracks to provide a constant background.

Subwoofer suitable for background music

Speakers suitable for parties, our selection:

A sound system suitable for parties must meet certain requirements to deliver powerful and high-quality sound suitable for the festive atmosphere. Here are some important requirements:

Power (Watt):
The sound system must have sufficient power to cover the intended party area. The required wattage depends on the size of the room and the expected number of people.

Powerful and efficient speakers are essential. Consider speakers with enough bass response and a wide frequency range to properly reproduce different genres of music.

For festive music with deep bass, subwoofers can be a valuable addition. They enhance the low frequencies and add impact to the music.

Audac VEXO8/B - Compact high-power speaker 8" Black
Audac VEXO8/B - Compact high-power speaker 8" Black
€ 431,57
prices incl. taxes and VAT
From 4 St
409,98 €
Temporarily out of stock
Temporarily out of stock
Martin Audio
€ 884,59
prices incl. taxes and VAT
Temporarily out of stock
Temporarily out of stock

Subwoofer suitable for parties, our selection:

Loudspeakers suitable for outdoor use, our selection:

An outdoor speaker is a speaker specifically designed to be used outdoors, such as in gardens, patios, pools, or other outdoor spaces. These speakers are built to withstand the elements like rain, sunlight, and temperature variations. Here are some features of outdoor speakers:

Weather Resistance: Outdoor speakers are made with materials that resist moisture and precipitation. They often have waterproof enclosures to prevent water from damaging internal components.

UV Resistance: The housing material is typically resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun, making the speaker durable and preventing it from fading or getting damaged quickly due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Robust Construction: Outdoor speakers are often made with durable materials that resist shocks and impacts. This helps protect the speaker from damage due to falls or bumps.

Custom Sound Tuning: Due to the open environment and different acoustic challenges outdoors, outdoor speakers are often tuned for balanced sound reproduction in such conditions.

Mounting Options: Outdoor speakers may come with various mounting options, such as mounting brackets or poles, to easily and securely install them in different outdoor settings.