Nicols Washes


The new Moving Washes from Nicols have been extensively tested and approved by us!

They complete their range of washes with the new series of moving washes from Nicols. They include the Moover Wash 160, Moover Wash 190, Sprinter Wash 280 and Racer Wash 475.
While the Moover Wash 190 and Racer Wash 475 are pure 'classic' LED washes, the Moover Wash 160 and Sprinter Wash 280 are rather hybrid wash/effect moving heads. Due to their rotating lens writing, they can also generate rotating beams.
However, all contain a motorized zoom and on the 190 and 475 you also have multiple RGB zones, while on the Spinter Wash 280 each LED can give a separate color.
The build quality is top notch for all, here the Racer Wash excels the most with its professional build quality and 3-pin and 5-pin connections. There is also nothing to criticize about the menus and User Interfaces.

All these devices are now available in our showroom for demonstration purposes!