Midas M32 digital mixers


The Midas M32 series is a range of digital mixing consoles known for their impressive sound quality and advanced features.

The M32 series includes various models, such as the M32, M32R, and M32C, suitable for various live and studio applications.

These mixing consoles are designed for professional audio engineering and offer excellent signal-to-noise ratio and audio performance.

With intuitive user interfaces and touchscreens, they are easy to operate, even for sound engineers with limited experience.

The M32 series supports a large number of inputs and outputs, making it ideal for complex audio configurations.

They are equipped with high-quality microphone preamplifiers and A/D converters for clear and detailed audio recording and playback.

The built-in effects and signal processing capabilities provide versatile options for adjusting and editing sound.

Thanks to the ability to store scenes and presets, sound engineers can quickly switch between different configurations.

The M32 series is also suitable for wireless control via tablets and smartphones, allowing the sound engineer to work flexibly.

With a robust and durable construction, these mixing consoles are suitable for demanding live events and intensive use in studios.

They offer comprehensive connectivity options, including USB, MIDI, Ethernet, and digital audio connections.

The M32 series is compatible with digital audio networks such as AES50 and Ultranet, providing expansion possibilities.

These mixing consoles have an excellent reputation in the professional audio world and are frequently used by sound engineers and musicians worldwide.

In summary, the Midas M32 series provides high-quality audio engineering tools and a range of features to meet the needs of both live and studio applications.

Difference between M32 and M32R

The Midas M32 and M32R are both high quality digital mixing consoles, but there are some key differences between the two models that may affect your choice depending on your specific needs and applications. Here are some of the key differences between the Midas M32 and M32R:

Size and Dimensions:

M32: The M32 is the larger model and has a larger physical housing. It has more physical input channels and outputs.
M32R: The M32R, on the other hand, is more compact and has a smaller size. This makes it more convenient for portable applications or situations where space is limited.

Number of Channels:

Midas M32:

The M32 offers a large number of physical channels. It has 32 microphone/line inputs and 16 analog outputs. In addition, it has 6 aux outputs and 8 DCA groups. This results in a total of 40 input channels and 24 output channels, making it suitable for larger sound situations.
Midas M32R:

The M32R has a more limited number of physical channels compared to the M32. It has 16 microphone/line inputs and 8 analog outputs. It also offers 6 aux outputs and 8 DCA groups. In total, it has 24 input channels and 16 output channels, making it more suitable for applications with fewer input sources.

Difference in Features:

Both mixing consoles share many common features, such as advanced effects, built-in signal processing, scene memory, and excellent sound quality.

The M32 and M32R have similar touchscreen user interfaces, but the difference in physical I/O (inputs/outputs) affects the scalability and functionality of the two models.

The M32 is designed for larger and more complex audio productions, such as concerts and events with many channels and I/O options. It offers more space for connecting external devices and expansion cards, making it more suitable for large productions.

The M32R is more compact and portable, making it suitable for situations where mobility and a smaller footprint are important. It's still powerful, but it has more limited I/O capabilities compared to the M32.

In short, the main difference between the M32 and M32R lies in the number of physical channels and I/O options. The M32 is larger and has more channels and connections, while the M32R is more compact and more suitable for situations with limited space or mobility. Your choice depends on your specific needs and the scale of your audio productions.

Midas M32c - digitale mixer

The Midas M32C is a powerful digital audio mixing console housed in a compact rack-mounted form factor, designed for professional use in live sound productions and studio environments.

Compact and Rack-Mountable: The M32C is designed to fit into a standard 19-inch rack, making it a space-saving and portable solution for audio applications.

Advanced Signal Processing: This mixing console features advanced digital signal processing with 40 processing channels and 25 mix buses, making it suitable for complex audio productions.

High-Quality Microphone Preamplifiers: The M32C is equipped with the legendary Midas microphone preamps known for their audio quality and transparency.

Touchscreen Interface: The built-in touchscreen provides an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface for managing audio settings and effects.

Extensive Connectivity: It offers a range of analog and digital I/O options, including AES50, Ultranet, USB, and more, allowing it to be flexibly integrated into various audio components.

Effects and Signal Processing: The M32C has a range of built-in effects, including reverb, delay, equalizers, and compressors, enabling sound engineers to tailor audio quality.

Scene Memory: It supports saving and recalling scenes and presets, making it easy to manage configurations for different events.

Wireless Control: It can be operated via wireless devices such as tablets and smartphones, allowing sound engineers to work flexibly and make adjustments from the audience area.

Headphone and Monitor Outputs: The M32C has multiple headphone and monitor outputs for monitoring and adjusting audio settings.

Reliable Construction: Like other Midas products, the M32C is robustly and durably built, suitable for long-term professional use.

Compatibility with Digital Audio Network: It is compatible with digital audio networks like AES50 and Ultranet, providing expansion possibilities for larger productions.

Applications: The M32C is suitable for live performances, studio recordings, broadcasts, and other professional audio applications.

High Signal-to-Noise Ratio: The M32C offers excellent signal-to-noise ratio and audio quality, crucial for high-quality sound productions.

MIDI Support: It supports MIDI control, allowing integration with other MIDI equipment for extensive control.

Flexibility and Power: Overall, the Midas M32C provides the flexibility, power, and audio quality needed for demanding professional audio productions in a compact and portable form.

Midas stageblock for Midas M32

A stagebox Midas DL (Digital Stagebox) is a useable audio interface for son and direct applications, and privately and in combination with consoles for mixing numbers of Midas, using the M32 series. The stagebox DL is prepared for four entrances and audio selections at the locations used for the mixing console, including the scene in front of the piece.

Certain characteristics and features of the stagebox Midas DL include:

Connectivity audio numérique : The stagebox DL utilizes the technologies of the connective audio numérique telles que l'AES50 for transmitting the audio numériquement through the stagebox and the console for mixing over the longues distances.

Multiple entrances and options: The stagebox is available with different configurations, with different microphone/connection options and analogue connections, with XLR or AES/EBU connections.

Control at a distance: Souvent, the stagebox DL is controlled at the distance of the console of the mix, which is done by the engineers of the parameters and the levels without the physics of the stagebox.

Robust construction: The stage box is constructed with general construction for the design of the events and directly and without solids and durables.

Placement flexible: Depending on the location of your choice, you can use the scene with the music and the strategic placement of the audio cables.

In summary, a stagebox Midas DL operates as an external audio interface for connecting to the scene and mixing console. Particular attention is paid to the situations surrounding the long cable audio and the use of the audio sources. Elle partie d'un audio numérique intégré qui contributes to a production sound plus efficiency and reliability of the events and direct.

Flightcase for Midac M32