Sushi DS and Z1 DMX controller


Sushi DS

With the Sushi DS you get access to four different types of DMX software; namely Sunlite, Dasligt, Lumidesk Lite and Easy Stand Alone. Ideal for the beginning lighting enthusiast as it allows you to create and store clear light shows. You can also use the Sushi DS as a stand alone as you can store up to 1266 steps on 12 DMX channels on the interface.

Sushi Z1

Unlike the DS, the Z1 uses SMart Upgrade Technology. This means that you can quickly and easily expand the 128 channels to 512 or even more if you use ArtNet. In addition, you can also use the Z1 as a standalone up to 12 channels.

The Z1 comes with 3 licenses for 3 different DMX programs (Light Rider, Sunlite Suite 2 and Daslight 4). There is also the Easy View functionality; this allows you to see a 3D visualizer in combination with any DMX controller via the DMX IN feature.