Engine DJ Stems is now available



The long awaited "Stems" update for Prime 4+ is finally here and we can now talk about the first standalone controller with Stems function. Stems gives you the ability to filter out vocals or instruments from a song to create live mash-ups and put more creativity into your DJ sets. At the moment it is still a Beta version of the new firmware. What is possible after the update:

  • The ability to select acapella or instrumental on 2 decks via on-screen buttons.
  • Thanks to "On Deck" voice rendering, you don't have to analyze songs in advance, but immediately on your Prime 4+ for local and streaming songs.
  • Day mode for better visibility during the day.
  • Fuzzy Key Mixing that synchronizes the key with the closest compatible key.
  • New Flex Gate effect.
  • FX Selection menu for Touch FX.
  • Improved downbeat detection in the desktop software (necessary to rescan your library)
  • Switch between Isolator or Normal EQ for Numark Mixtream .

The update to Engine DJ 3.2.1 Public beta can be found on the Engine DJ forum (an account is required)