Magic Sing E5 Dual Karaoke System


Magic Sing introduces their new karaoke system!

We finally have the new MagicSing E5 Dual system stock. Like its predecessor, the E2 Dual, this new system uses streaming. This gives you access to a database with now MORE THAN 300,000 songs, which is still updated weekly.
So that means hours and hours of singing fun! Sing the greatest hits with your friends or go crazy to the classics. Practice your favourite songs for your cover band at your leisure. Sing along to fun hits. It's all possible with the new MagicSing E5 Dual system!

  • - 2 WIRELESS MICROPHONES With user-friendly buttons and an LCD screen. Concentrate on your performance while these two elegant microphones enhance your singing technique.
  • - UNLIMITED NUMBERS via Wi-Fi connection. Thanks to our subscription system, you can always sing the latest songs. The latest charts are added every week!
  • - MUSIC AND VIDEO STREAMING Discover more fun! Go online and discover limitless entertainment with the integrated online music and video app.
  • - MAGICSING™ APP KARAOKE COMPATIBLE Simultaneous connection for 10 Android or iOS devices. Unparalleled Videoke innovation! First videocast app to entertain anyone, anywhere, anytime - the new MAGICSING™ Karaoke app.
  • - FULL HD 1080p SMARTVIDEOKE™ visual spectacle! Treat your eyes to images you've never seen before with Full HD 1080p SmartVideoke™ technology!
  • - DUAL USB PORT To play photos and videos directly on the TV.
  • - SONG RECORDING FUNCTION Record your own songs and import them in MP3 format. Create your own album and even set it as a ringtone.
  • - HI-FI STEREO AUDIO OUTPUT State-of-the-art reproduction of superior sound quality. That's what you want when you sing along or listen to your favourite songs or even movies.
  • - FULL HD MULTIMEDIA & CUSTOM BACKGROUND Simply connect your external USB stick or hard drive and watch your favourite movies in Full HD/4k resolution (30 fps). View your favourite photos and listen to your favourite music collections. You can even use your own videos or photos
  • as background music while you sing along.
  • - DIRECT SEARCH IN REAL TIME By simply typing in the song title or artist using the alphanumeric keypad (T9), you can search directly. You can even use your voice to search for songs via SmartVoice™ Search, via Wi-Fi on your microphone's dedicated button/icon, or by typing directly into your MagicSing™ Karaoke App via Smart Devices.