How to make low fog? 3 ways


There are 3 systems

Dry Ice

- Dry ice (CO2) is dropped into lukewarm or warm water and this has the very best result: a nice consistent band of white smoke that stays perfectly along the ground.
- Cumbersome: the dry ice is difficult to obtain and must be transported protected. You should also not touch the dry ice to avoid burns. The dry ice also deteriorates quickly because we cannot store it below the freezing point of -78.5 °C. The boiling point of dry ice is -56.6°C.
- Dry ice is cheap in itself, and the procedure is very simple. You will place the dry ice in a net in a kind of frying pot and immerse it in lukewarm water. If you want less eefct then you remove the dry ice from the water.

Cool Smoke

Cool Smoke

Cool smoke- Works well: the smoke is cooled down to freezing point, and stays close to the ground as long as it stays cool.
Are classic smoke machines with freezer or refrigerator in front, or simply with ice blocks.
Expensive machine, long start-up time, heavy and unwieldy.

This will create cold by taking CO2 from a liquid state to gas (so you need CO2 bottles)

Ultrasonic Smoke

Combination of water, smoke, ultrasonic elements makes the fog hang low The machine uses ordinary smoke liquid and water and creates low-hanging smoke through ultrasonic technology.
Works well, but the smoke will spread after a while
In addition to the classic smoke fluid, you need pure water. Read the manual carefully.
Level of the water is very important, water must always be removed before transport.