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What is a Cob ledstrip?

A COB LED strip is a type of LED strip that uses COB technology (Chip-on-Board). COB LED strip is the term used in English as well. COB technology involves mounting multiple LED chips directly onto a printed circuit board, resulting in high light intensity and uniformity. This leads to bright and even illumination. COB LED strips are energy-efficient, durable, and can be used in various applications such as accent lighting, mood lighting, and decorative lighting.

RGB COB Ledstrip

An RGB COB LED strip is a specific type of COB LED strip that allows for producing multiple colors using the RGB color mode. RGB stands for red, green, and blue, the three primary colors of light. By adjusting the intensity of each of these colors, an RGB COB LED strip can produce a wide range of colors, including different shades and color effects.

An RGB COB LED strip typically includes separate LED chips or elements for red, green, and blue, integrated within the COB technology. By controlling the color intensity of these LED chips, the strip can mix and display different colors, as well as dynamic color effects such as color transitions, flashing, and color fading.

The control of an RGB COB LED strip can be done using an RGB controller, remote control, or smart lighting systems. With proper control, users can select and adjust the desired color, brightness, and effects, allowing them to create creative and customizable lighting solutions for various applications such as decorative lighting, party lighting, ambient lighting, and more.

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