Dateq TRI-O



Dateq is a Dutch company that specializes in the development and production of professional audio equipment, especially for the hospitality and events industry.

6 channel 3-zone matrix mixer

Dateq TRI-O is very suitable for use in catering establishments, dance schools, conference centers etc. The Dateq TRI-O is equipped with 3 microphone inputs and TRI-O 8 stereo-line inputs. The inputs can be routed to 3 master outputs.

Channel 1 has a talk-over circuit to improve speech intelligibility. This circuit, which is triggered by the microphone signal of channel 1 (voice activated), ensures that this signal
overrides all others. The talk-over function can be switched off with the switch on the front.


By default, 3 output zones are available (master A, B and C ). These zones have a 2-band equalizer, balance and gain. In addition, up to four output modules (output zones) can be added. The volume of these additional zones can be controlled externally with a potentiometer CREWXOUT-W / CREWXOUT-B (not included) or an external regulation voltage.

The master outputs are electronically balanced on XLR and unbalanced on cinch connectors. The balanced output makes it possible to use long signal cables so that the amplifiers can be placed close to the speakers. The optional output zones are equipped with unbalanced cinch connections.


Channel 2 has a connection for a Musicall local line input, MRA-2WW or MRA-2GG. (Not included)