eSports classroom


KTA Bruges - eSports classroom

KTA Bruges - eSports classroom

KTA Bruges recently invested in a state-of-the-art classroom for the new elective subject "eSports". The relief of this is essential and that is why they came to us to assist them in this.

The eSports classroom lighting is designed to create the right atmosphere for players and audiences to watch via live streams, but can also be quickly and easily adapted to the gameplay and the various eSports tournaments taking place in the classroom. This creates a dynamic environment that stimulates and motivates players.

On the basis of LED strips above the gamers, the team colors can be displayed or an atmosphere function with a quiet gradient of different colors. The compact moving heads on the ceiling automatically match the colors chosen by the teams. Spotlights at the bottom of the gaming desks show the status of the player. If a player is eliminated, the spot with an animation changes to red.

In addition to the lighting, we also helped them with the AV equipment in the room. ViewSonic's XXL 98” touch display is a true eye-catcher with Aver conferencing soundbar.

Sources photos: WTV-Focus / Sporza / HLN