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Pioneer DJ - Delivery times-Products in stock


Pioneer DJ still has a lot of difficulties to deliver. This is firstly due to the enormous popularity of the products and secondly due to the disruptions in the supply chain.
What's not in stock at Bekafun is ordered at Pioneer.
There are serious waiting lists for most products that we don't have in stock. Every month we get products delivered, and we allocate who is at the top of the waiting list.
It is therefore advisable to order and get on the waiting list. This can be done without prepayment and without a purchase obligation. When it is your turn, you can still decide not to buy. We ask that you report this as soon as possible.

The longest waiting time is in these products: CDJ-3000, DJM-A9, Opus Quad
These products may be available sooner: XDJ-XZ, DJS-1000, DDJFLX10, XDJRX3, XDJRR

Now in stock : DDJFLX4 and DDJFLX6

Bekafun and Pioneer DJ are doing everything they can to fix this as quickly as possible.

Those who do not order and are therefore not on the waiting list will have to wait until there is free stock of a product. For the above products, this may be after the summer of 2023.