Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX10 en stock


Pioneer DJ today introduces their newest controller for Serato DJ and rekordbox, the DDJ-FLX10!

Track Separation for amazing performances with live mash-ups


Do you want to create unique live performances that are not possible with regular DJ equipment? Then the DDJ-FLX10
exactly what you're looking for. With its Track Separation technology, you simply load the songs from your music library
the device, then use the controller to create remixes and mash-ups on the fly by playing around with the
3 main components of the music: the vocals, the drums and the other instruments, such as bass and
synthesizer. A concrete example? You can play the instruments and drums of one song
while the vocals of another song are played on the other deck. You operate each part with
special buttons that are color-coded, so that you always have a clear overview of what is on that
all playing at the moment.

- Active Part en Part Iso

Adjust the volume of the voice, drum and other instruments individually to create new mixes. Or
mute one or more of those 3 elements and create live mash-ups with other songs.

- FX Part Select

Choose which parts of a song you want to apply BPM effects to and create your own live remixes. Joint
for example, add echo to the voice, leaving the other elements untouched.

- Part Instant Doubles

Isolate a specific part of a song (the vocals, the drums or the other instruments) and convey that
to the other deck so you can scratch with it.

Extended On Jog Display


With the new On Jog Display, the improved version of the one on the DDJ-1000, you determine the information you want to see.
see on the jogs. So you can always keep your eyes on your decks. Choose one of the 4 modes you see below.
Some of them have 3Band Waveforms (exclusively for rekordbox), like our flagship multiplayer
CDJ-3000. In addition, you can also keep an eye on the new Mix Point Link information, the rekordbox
tuning position analysis and the status of the Performance Pads

  • Deck Info Mode: Shows all data about the deck, including the Overall Waveform. (With Serato DJ Pro
  • this mode shows the virtual deck of Serato DJ Pro)
  • Waveform Mode: Displays the Zoomed Waveforms for 2 decks.
  • Artwork View: Shows the artwork for the song that is playing.
  • DJ Logo display: display your own logo or favorite image on each deck thanks to the Image Transfer Tool
  • for PC/Mac

New Mix Point Link for seamless transition


Take full advantage of the completely new playback concept in rekordbox that will make your music run like water
flows by linking mix points in songs so that the next song is exactly on the right track
instant starts. For example, have the next song start at the moment the vocal part of the
current song stops, so you avoid harsh transitions between your songs. You don't have to count down yourself or press 'Play'
to push. Instead, you have your hands free to create mash-ups or add effects.

DMX output for the rekordbox Lighting function


Pimp your performances with lighting effects that match the mood of your songs. That's a piece of cake with the
Lighting function of rekordbox. Thanks to the DMX output on the DDJ-FLX10, you don't even need any other equipment
(such as an external DMX interface) is more necessary. Simply connect DMX-compatible lighting equipment to the
controller and use rekordbox to create matching lighting effects. Or set the software so that the color
and lighting movement is automatically matched to the tempo of the music.

Advanced MAGVEL FADER 4 sensor system


The MAGVEL FADER of the DDJ-FLX10 is the improved version of the two-sensor system on the DDJ-1000.
but with 4 sensors. This way you can adjust the volume extremely precisely, no matter how minimally you move the crossfader. It
result: even more variety in your performances.

Compatibility with rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro


The DDJ-FLX10 has free plug-and-play compatibility with rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro, letting you play your favorite
software application all by itself. DVS support is also available via specific subscription formulas
rekord box available. For Serato you need a paid license/paid subscription for Serato DJ
Expansions of Serato DJ Suite.