Ihos Quadro DSP 2.0 and 6.4


Ihos DSP 2.0

The Ihos Quadro DSP 2.0 is a 4 channel digital amplifier of 4 x 500 W into 4 ohms. The DSP offers various connections such as network and USB for easy adjustments and operation of the system. The clear color display allows you to make all settings quickly and easily.

Ihos DSP 6.4

The Ihos Quadro DSP 6.4 is a 4 channel multifunctional digital power amplifier. It offers a power output of 4 x 1500 W RMS at 8 ohms. It too has DSP function for real-time remote adjustment. The various connection methods make it configurable and expandable. The integrated audio controller with matrix function ensures easy signal distribution and convenient operation.