New ! Sonos Era 100 and Era 300


The Sonos One will disappear from Sonos' gamme (still stock available at Bekafun) and to replace it comes the Era 100. On top of that, Sonos comes with the Era 300 which is a completely new device. These two new wireless speakers have many new features and modifications. Both have an updated control panel. The volume control is decoupled from the track control for easier adjustment. Also, this Era series has new connection options. You can now connect via Bluetooth in addition to the usual Wi-Fi connection. This allows you to connect to the Era speakers even faster. Furthermore, they also have a USB-C line-in option. Through this you can connect an optional adapter which allows you to connect an external source to both speakers. However, the adapter must be purchased separately. A final but not insignificant change is the arrival of Trueplay to Android. With the previous models it only worked with iOS devices, but now it is also possible with Android devices.

Sonos Era 100

The Era 100 looks very similar to the Sonos One but has a rounder finish and has grown in height. This has created room for a second tweeter at the top of the speaker and the midwoofer has also grown. As a result, unlike the Play One, it can also offer a stereo soundstage.

Sonos Era 300

The Era 300 is the first speaker in the range capable of playing Dolby Atmos tracks. This is because it features six additional drivers, including two woofers, two speakers that play at an angle upward and one unit at a 10-degree angle that sends sound toward the ceiling and one driver facing forward. Dolby Atmos content must be sent to the speakers for the full experience. Dolby Atmos Music is available from Apple Music or Amazon Music. As a result, Tidal Atmos tracks do not offer the desired spatial results expected from spatial audio.