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New realization for multi-brand store Béné


Be-Casual, the multi-brand store from Lendelede, is moving to a new location. Soon they will open the new store under the name Béné. For the illuminated advertisement inside and outside they appealed to Bekafun.

In total three screens were placed. Two screens on the second floor, directed to the outside so that their communication is immediately visible from the highway. The size (each panel 192x256cm) and the high light output of 5000 nits make them well visible even in the brightest sunlight. They are controlled by two Novastar MCTRL300s with light sensors so that the strength of the screen is automatically adjusted according to the sunlight.

The third screen (250x250cm) was placed in the entrance hall, above the counter, with a light output of 1000 nits, but controlled by a Novastar MCTRL300. Led screens are always customized and price on request. All screens were also equipped with a BrightSign HD224 media player so that content can be provided via the local network.

Thank you for the trust and good luck team Béné!

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