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JB sytems Movil-1 Compact multifunctional speaker system


Mobile speaker

The new Movil-1 from JB Systems is a compact multifunctional speaker system (6.5 inch + 3x 3 inch speaker with a 50 Watt's amp) with internal media player and Bluetooth. Thanks to its rechargeable battery (+/- 6 hours at 50% volume) and lightweight, you can use it for mobile use. Furthermore, this speaker has 2 additional mono inputs for microphones, instruments or other audio signals with individual level control. This makes it quick and easy to connect a smartphone or USB stick, for example. The Movil-1 has a 35mm tripod adapter, but can also be placed on the ground in various positions. So ideal for parties, musicians, speeches, presentations, ...

Tip: Thanks to the TWS function, you can connect a second Movil-1 wirelessly via Bluetooth so you can use two speakers at the same time.