Technics SL-G700M2


This new digital audio player is truly top class. It supports a wide range of streaming services (Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, Qobuz...), USB audio interface for lossless audio from your PC and a super audio CD player. Thanks to high-quality components and technology, this player offers you many hours of listening pleasure in excellent sound quality.

New digital/analogue signal processing technology

The SL-G700M2 is equipped with the High Precision Coherent D/A Converter, which is the result of the accumulation of these technologies. The High Precision Coherent D/A Converter converts digital values to analogue signals with the utmost accuracy before outputting them to an amplifier. It is composed of three elements: coherent processing; a high-performance D/A converter in dual monaural configuration; and a proprietary discrete amplifier circuit.

Support for a wide variety of music sources including Super Audio CD and MQA, as well as all-new USB-B input

The SL-G700M2 supports Google Chromecast built-in enabling a wide range of music streaming services from Chromecast-enabled apps, as well as Apple AirPlay 2. Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® wireless connections are also supported.

Stream music from your favourite service like Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, Qobuz and Internet Radio

The player is also equipped with a new USB-B port that allows constant connection to a network audio server or PC for playback of high-resolution sound sources from the connected device.