Chamsys MagicQ Compact Connect


The new MagicQ Compact Connect products are PC / MAC / Linux based programming interfaces that offer programmers, operators, and LDs a convenient, “control-on-the-go” solution. Simply by connecting to a PC or Mac via a USB-C Connector, the user can run up to 64-universe shows on the MagicQ Compact Connect or MagicQ Compact Mini Connect, either of which fits easily within airline carry-on limits.

Sleek and lightweight, the new products feature the same contemporary styling as the MagicQ MQ70 and MQ50 Compact Consoles. Both allow access to the powerful MagicQ software package. The MagicQ Compact Connect also features 10 Playback Faders, eight Attribute Encoders, and cue stack control buttons, as well as Network and 10Scene ports.