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Yamaha Stagepas 1K MKII & DXL1K Portable PA-System



The new STAGEPAS 1K MKII offers a higher sound pressure level combined with a more flexible and comprehensive remote control of all functions compared to its popular predecessor. A completely redesigned 1100W Class-D amplifier delivers top quality 125dB SPL with stability and accuracy. Functionality has been enhanced with STAGEPAS Controller, an all-new software application that allows you to remotely control all STAGEPAS 1K MKII parameters from an Android or iOS device. The software also offers the possibility to create scenes to save and recall your settings for individual songs or applications.


Complementing the STAGEPAS 1K MKII is the new DXL1K, a much sought-after 'powered slave' speaker without the built-in mixer. With its own power amplifier, speaker arrays, premium construction and slim profile, the DXL1K delivers the same powerful, high-quality sound. Linking STAGEPAS 1K MKII and DXL1K systems is not only suitable for use as a standalone speaker system with a separate audio mixer, but also provides more coverage and power output for larger events. A 1:1 system can be set up to provide stereo or mono sound. When the STAGEPAS 1K MKII is set up to provide mono sound, the inputs of the DXL1K and STAGEPAS 1K MKII can both be used, meaning up to five mono inputs plus one stereo input are available.