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  • Sound and image down to the smallest detail.

Sound and image down to the smallest detail.


Enjoy detailed sound and image in your living room, as one of our satisfied customers with his Neumann and Optoma setup.


The KH 420 is a three-way amplified studio monitor designed for optimum precision. The sound has a narrower vertical dispersion that reduces reflections. Professional sound with extremely high detail.

The KH 870 responds to the demands by offering its 7.1 High Definition Bass Manager.
Eight analog channels provide flexible interconnectivity for modern studios and living rooms from Mono to 3D. With its very low bass from 18Hz and a high SPL, it is the perfect complement to the KH 420 for an impressive sound.


The Cinemax P2 is a stylish ultra-short throw projector. It delivers a sharp 4K UHD digital cinema quality image in the comfort of your own home. Laser technology ensures accurate, true-to-life color reproduction. Packed with the latest technology and features, it offers HDR compatibility, HLG over USB, advanced PureMotion that eliminates motion blur or image shake, voice control, streaming apps and a built-in media player.

The ALR101 screen provides an optimal projection surface so that every detail is visible. Thanks to its Ambient Light Rejection, your projection remains clearly visible during the day.