Sennheiser XS Wireless IEM



The XS Wireless IEM System has everything you need to get started with personal monitoring.The XS Wireless IEM System includes everything you need to easily get started with personal monitoring. This system sets a new standard for simple, flexible and reliable wireless in-ear monitoring and is designed to help you take your sound to the next level, no matter how much technical experience you have. Enjoy the renowned Sennheiser sound and stable, professional wireless reliability of UHF packed into a convenient and robust system. A simple, flexible and reliable wireless solution for in-ear monitoring.

The pro-level all-in-one starter set

Switching to in-ear monitoring is no longer overwhelming and no longer requires long lists of equipment. The XS Wireless IEM kit includes everything you need to get started. Now you have the best nearfield sound, full control over your mix and good isolation, plus a very stable wireless connection. Focus on your live sound on every stage and in every room: XS Wireless IEM connects you to a set of rich options that guide talents on every stage to new levels of perfection. It's that simple.

Adaptable to any situation and setup

Are you a solo talent with a guitar and a laptop? A duo with changing instruments, or a larger band, or somehow all of that? The XS Wireless IEM kit contains everything you need. Each receiver can create an individual mix thanks to the different audio modes and balancing options. You can also easily set up your entire band by simply connecting additional portable receivers to your transmitter.

The set also includes IE 4 in-ear headphones. It delivers excellent sound quality and great dynamics, and features interchangeable earplugs for a snug and comfortable fit. Environmental noise is well excluded and you experience a very good bass reproduction.

It's not just about sound

Yes, XS Wireless IEM uses an advanced UHF design to deliver reliable, clear sound, and the IE 4 in-ear headphones reproduce all dynamics and bass levels. But there's more. We have used our decades of experience with large and small stages to develop XS Wireless IEM. Most of this can be heard. A small part can be felt. And the rest you only notice when you need it. But all together they form an important support, live on stage or during long rehearsals.