The Concorde Elite features a new, special-molded stylus body with real gold plating, which adds luxury tothe famous Concorde design. Encased by the gold is a Nude Elliptical diamond mounted on a rigidAluminum-Magnesium cantilever. The nude diamond stylus, you normally will find in HiFi cartridges, deliversa sound so powerful and detailed, you will experience a remarkable level of live performance. The additionof a nude diamond allows a smaller moving mass guaranteeing an improved and detailed sound quality, andthe slim profile of the advanced diamond makes it able to follow the groove oscillations more accurately,extract more intricate details and track even the highest frequency information.
The cantilever needs to accommodate the perfect compromise between lightweight and high strength, whichrequires great ingenuity in the design as well as the choice of the materials. The properties of the Rigid 750μm Aluminum-Magnesium Cantilever, exclusively developed for the Concorde Elite, ensure that the styluspicks up the groove vibrations with a stable and accurate trace performance, and provides the idealinterface between the stylus and armature. In the armature, you’ll find a Unique Coil System transmitting thediamond’s movements to deliver an optimized output. The engineering of the coil system provides the Elitewith a powerful, full-bodied sound of high quality and high output.
To ensure superior tracking performance, a new Rubber Suspension has been developed. The new rubbercompound formula has been developed uniquely for the Concorde Elite to attain the desired characteristicsfor an extraordinary performance of the cartridge. The richer, fuller sound conveys the music in the mostlifelike manner while paying close attention to damping of excess brightness.