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IHOS is the audio brand of FOS Technologies. We have been selling the Naxos and IOS series for a while and were pleasantly surprised from the first delivery. Naxos is a series of powerful active loudspeakers in an ABS housing with stereo Bluetooth on board. IOS are wooden cabinets and are available in an active and passive version.


This series of loudspeakers are the ideal loudspeaker for the starting DJ or band looking for a powerful and affordable loudspeaker. The ABS housing makes it light and easy to carry. It is available in 3 versions with 10, 12 or 15 inch woofer, of which the 2 largest have 350W RMS power and the 10" has 200W RMS.
True Wireless Stereo allows you to connect 2 speakers wirelessly and then easily send music from your tablet or smartphone to both speakers via Bluetooth.
Can it be a little more? The Naxos series also includes an 18" subwoofer with a wooden cabinet. It has a built-in crossover for use with the Naxos top cabinets, phase adjustment and 500W RMS power. It can handle low frequencies from 35 - 150 Hz.

IOS Active

If you are looking for better sound without having to spend a lot of money, choose IOS Active. The sturdy wooden cabinet not only improves the solidity but also the sound quality. It is available in 3 versions with 10, 12 or 15 inch woofer, of which the 2 largest have 1000W RMS power and the 10" has 700W RMS.
With the LCD screen you can easily adjust the settings of the built-in DSP.
They offer 2 subs for extra layer in your sound. A 15" and 18" bandpass subwoofer. These are also equipped with DSP to adapt to your top cabinet and have a powerful 1000W RMS amplifier. The 15" can handle frequencies up to 40 Hz while the 18" goes up to 35 Hz.

IOS Passive

The IOS series is also available in a passive version for permanent installation, for example. The same sturdy wooden cabinet and sound quality but lighter and also in 3 versions with 10, 12 or 15 inch woofer. 2 NL4 Speakon connections (1x in / 1x out)
An 18" bandpass subwoofer to complement this system that can handle frequencies up to 37 Hz. An M20 pole adapter and provided with mounting holes for the optional wheelset.

Looking for an amplifier for IOS Passive? Then be sure to take a look at the IHOS amplifiers and DSPs in our online catalogue