Pioneer DDJ-REV7 - 2 Channel Battle Controller for Serato DJ Pro


- Brand-new motorized, vinylized jogwheel
- On jog display
- Instant scratch
- Magvel fader pro
- 22 built-in Beat FX
- Solid and robust design
- Advanced audio design
- Plug and play with Serato DJ Pro

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The DDJ-REV7 is built to help you get the most from the Serato DJ Pro performance software and boasts a brand-new design that includes large, motorized jog wheels with On Jog Display to create a tactile connection between you and your music. The layout of this 2-channel unit emulates a professional DJM-S mixer + PLX turntable setup, and includes specialized features for open-format and scratch DJs.

Battle-style setup

There’s plenty of space to perform mixing and scratching techniques thanks to the new arrangement of the controls on the DDJ-REV7. The long tempo sliders run horizontally above the decks, while the Performance Pads and Lever FX paddles are in the mixer section so DJs can intuitively combine effects, trigger samples, and scratch tracks.


The new 7-inch motorized jog wheel features the same rotational stability as a 12-inch turntable and the top plate is finished with a vinyl-like texture, so DJs feel like they’re playing with real records.

On Jog Display

In the center of each jog wheel, a 3.5-inch LCD keeps important information at the DJ’s fingertips. They can easily reference waveforms, Hot Cues, playback positions and more.

Instant Scratch

The DDJ-REV7 has 4 built-in original scratch samples that can be triggered instantly by pressing the corresponding hardware buttons.


DJs can scratch with style and confidence with the MAGVEL FADER PRO. As well as being highly robust, it’s customizable with various settings to find the perfect feeling.

22 built-in Beat FX including 3 new additions

DJs can add drama to track transitions with the 3 brand-new Beat FX: Duck Down, Fill Out, and Helix Out. In total there are 22 Beat FX, which are triggered with dedicated controls.

Advanced audio design

With a digital-to-analog converter from ESS Technologies and improvements to the audio design, the DDJ-REV7 achieves the highest sound quality of any Pioneer DJ controller.

Plug and play compatibility with Serato DJ Pro

DJs can simply connect the DDJ-REV7 to a PC/Mac running Serato DJ Pro to enjoy free use of the software. A voucher for the Serato Pitch ‘n Time DJ Expansion Pack is included, which enables key shifting and key syncing with perfect audio quality.


Flightcase voor Pioneer DDJ-REV7
Pioneer DJ Gear
Flightcase voor Pioneer DDJ-REV7
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